Chocolate Banana Ice Cream


Such an amazing idea. Delicious, soft scoop ice cream with only 2 ingredients. No dairy and no added sugar but sooo yummy.

The recipe is here:

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

But it’s so simple:

Chop up some bananas into small pieces (overripe ones are sweeter) and freeze. I left mine all day and made it in the evening but the original recipe suggests 2 hours.

I chopped mine and placed it in a bag after every few chops to stop the air getting to it and turning it brown. Once i’d chopped them all, (I had about 7 but used half to make the amount in the picture) I squeezed the air out and wrapped it up tight.



When I took them out they were very hard so I gave them 10 seconds in the microwave and broke them up with a fork.


Next using a hand held blender I blitzed them until they started to turn creamy.



At this stage it has the consistency of ice cream but I wasn’t keen on the ripe banana flavour so I preferred the chocolate version. To turn it chocolatey you add 2 tablespoons of cocoa. Also if it’s not sweet enough you can add some fruit syrup (I use sweet freedom). Then blitz it again until it’s all mixed together.


Served immediately it is just like soft scoop ice cream.


After its been refrozen for a while it’s more like standard scoop.


Of course a little chocolate sauce can’t hurt either! Mmmm (sweet freedom choc shot).


I can’t wait to try this out with lots of different flavours I’m thinking raspberry, mini choc chip, banoffee. The possibilities are endless!

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