Box of wine cake


This cake was made for my boss’ husband and was absolutely huge! For this reason if I made it again I would definitely use a mini bottle of wine.

To make this I made two large square sponge cakes (using Delia’s all in one recipe) and torted them filling with vanilla buttercream (Hummingbird Bakery recipe). As they were very large, I found a flower nail useful to ensure they baked through in the middle. Next, I placed them side by side and pushed a wooden skewer dowel through to keep them together. I then carved a slight recess into the top cake to create the box. Next I crumb coated to create one big rectangle and added a smoother coat of buttercream on top.

I covered the rectangle in fondant and used a large brush with brown gel colour and vodka to create a wood effect.


I varied the amount of gel colour used to get lighter and darker sections. Then I painted in the odd knot.

The wine bottle was made at least a week previous to ensure it had time to dry out. First I covered an empty wine bottle in cling film, making sure there was plenty spare around the edges. Then I rubbed it with shortening so it would release easily.

I coloured the gumpaste in green, red and yellow with gel colours. I covered the entire bottle in the green gumpaste and then covered the top in red.  Using a sharp knife I cut the gumpaste about half way round the bottle. I then left it to dry for a week or so before gently removing from the bottle. I also covered the board on fondant at this point.


The final step was the decoration. First, I airbrushed (I have a Dinky Doodle airbrush) the bottle by covering the red with a little kitchen roll. I used a black airbrush colour. Once this was dry, I cut and applied the edible image (from Love, Print, Eat). If I made this cake again, I would only place the glue (water and icing sugar) at the edges you can see it through the image on this one.

Finally, I placed a strip of yellow across the join on the bottle and painted this with gold lustre dust. Then, the bottle was ready to place on the cake.

The last bits if decoration were the ivy, using bits of green and white fondant pushed together and rolled out. I then cut these with the PME ivy plunger cutters.

Once the cake was assembled, I added the wood shavings which were created with a room temperature block of white chocolate and running a knife or a vegetable peeler along the chocolate.

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