Lucy’s Boho Birthday Cake


I made this cake for my lovely friend Lucy for her Boho style surprise party.

It had a pink 4 layer ombre sponge base and a lemon fruitcake top tier (I will post this recipe soon).

This cake took a long time to make – just the baking was a good few hours. The other thing to note is you need lots and lots of buttercream for this cake even more than I thought. I had to send my hubby out for more butter!

They were filled with jam and buttercream and lemon curd and buttercream with stiffer icing (more icing sugar added) used as a dam and piped around the outside of each cake.

The icing was fairly easy – just a thick crumb coat of fairly stiff icing so you can’t see any cake through, followed by a thick coat of thinner icing roughly swirled and dabbed on. After each coat the cakes had a half hour in the fridge and a half hour on the counter to allow the icing to crust. I used the hummingbird bakery buttercream recipe but used about 2 tablespoons more liquid for the thinner batch.

The cakes were 9 inch and seven inch. I purchased a 10 inch cake tin to get a bigger gap between the tiers but it wouldn’t bake properly. I won’t be buying Masterclass tins again!

The decoration was summer flowers which were made ahead out if modelling paste. The tiny blue flowers used a cutter and I rolled each petal gently on a foam mat with the small end of the ball tool. I dotted a little silver lustre in the middle.

The pansies I used a violet cutter and again thinned carefully with the ball tool on the foam pad. I used various petal dusts to colour the petals, brushing them on dry. I then dried them in a supermarket apple tray so they would curve out from the middle.



The roses I will add another post explaining how they were made. Here you go:

The butterflies were wafer paper ones I’d ordered for another cake but they were the wrong colour so I used dusts and vodka to repaint them. I dried them over a folded piece of card after gently folding.


The small dog was also made from modelling paste coloured with gel colours or wilton colour right system. I used Trex to stop him drying out as I made him.


The fairy door and grass were made from coloured fondant and the gold details were made from gold lustre dust and vodka painted on.

The decorations were all attached with a icing sugar and water paste.

The ribbon was burlap and I attached a strip of baking paper behind it to avoid fibres getting on the icing. It was attached to the outside of the board with double sided tape.




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