Sugar roses (with the easiest rose cutter)



The first time I tried using this cutter I thought my roses looked a bit like a cabbage!


A few things helped me to improve them.
– using a bigger foam pad this one is about 15cm square
– rolling the modelling paste really thin
– curling the edges over

What I used:

Modelling paste
A cutting board
A large foam pad
A mini rolling pin with rounded edges
Edible glue
Petal dusts
Cocktail or kebab stick

1. First, dust the board with cornflour and roll the modelling paste out so thin that you can see your hand through it.


2. Next, cut out with the easiest rose cutter. I stored any I had cut in a plastic wallet while I waited to use them. Push down hard to get sharp edges.

3. Then, place on the foam pad and roll the edge of the rolling pin with it half on the modelling paste and half on the foam pad. Roll around the petal repeatedly to achieve nicely curling edges.



4. After that, curl the edges with a cocktail or kebab stick, making sure you curl some forwards and some backwards.


5. Paint a line if edible glue down the middle and fold over neatly.

6. Paint a line of glue on the fold and start curling tightly from one end time create the bud. Continue to wind around loosening and pulling out petals as you go to fluff out the rose.


7. When you reach the end repeat with the next cut out as above and place under the loose petal, securing with a little glue. Then continue to wind, fluffing out as before.


8. For a medium rose use 2 cut outs, large 3 and extra large 4. For a bud, use half a cut out and roll tightly.

9. Finally, paint the dust on dry. I used dusky pink on the inside of the petals and yellow on the tips.



10. Last of all cut the bottom at an angle so it will sit well on a cake.

11. Leave to dry in a fruit tray or on kitchen paper so the petals don’t droop too much.


I watched this video tutorial and found it really helpful too.

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