Profiteroles with double sauce

Profiteroles are my husband’s absolute favourite dessert so I decided to try and make them for our 2nd wedding anniversary. 
I followed the recipe at 

Chocolate Profiteroles

This recipe worked brilliantly but doesn’t include many photos so here are mine. 

Even though this recipe doesn’t state to, I’d read to measure the flour onto baking parchment so you can easily pour it in.

It took a good few minutes to melt the butter entirely in the water.

It came to the boil quite quickly after that but I wasn’t sure if it was actually boiling as it only boils in the spaces between the butter.

I then tipped in the flour and stirred vigourously.

This was fine as the ball stage although it doesn’t necessarily form into one ball. Once it was no longer sticking to the sides, it was ready. 

It doesn’t say how long to cool for in this recipe so I read another that recommended 4-5 minutes. I used my mixer to add the eggs, one at a time, waiting until the first was fully combined before adding the next. It goes a bit curdly at first but if you keep mixing it, it becomes smooth. 

The final mixture was like a thick cake batter consistency.

I used a plain nozzle to pipe them. My friend had warned me to space them well and not pipe too big as they grow a lot. This advice really helped. I only had 1 flat baking tray so I baked in 2 batches.

I baked as in the recipe: 10 minutes at 200, 10 at 170 but after letting the steam out I only returned them to the oven for 5 minutes as I didn’t want them too crispy. 

I let the steam out by piercing with end of a flower nail. I wiggled it around a bit so it would be a big enough hole to pipe into.

I used the same nozzle to pipe the cream. I’m not a fan of fresh cream so I used a little icing sugar to sweeten it and added some vanilla bean paste too. 

I worried that they would be underfilled so I really pushed until there was no more space. They were very well filled perhaps a little too well!

The recipe above did not provide enough cream to fill these so I would get a little more double cream than stated. 

I used the ganache sauce  recipe from above too but added a couple of teaspoons of butter for shine. The recipe above says to reheat over a pan of water but I found 10 second bursts in the microwave worked well too. 

The other sauce I made was this one:

Homemade Salted Caramel Recipe.

A word of caution – really stick to the times. I didn’t and the sauce went really solid as it cooled. I could bring it back by boiling in the micriwave but it wasn’t ideal for dipping although it was fine for drizzling.

I stacked the tower using fairly cool ganache and then loosened the ganache in the microwave before drizzling.

I finished off with edible gold glitter (Poundland’s Jane Asher version is the best I’ve found).

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