Chocolate Swirl Cookies

I made these cookies this week, using this recipe:

I won’t bore you with how because there is plenty if detail on her post. Basically you make the two doughs, roll into balls and smash together, then bake.

I will, however,  share a few thoughts on these cookies.

– They are a great make ahead treat. I needed some for a friend on Wednesday and for a family visit to my great aunt on Thursday so I made them Tuesday and just kept them in the fridge ready to pull out roll and bake whenever I needed. The original post also said you can freeze balls and bake from frozen – that I have to try!

– With my oven the longer baking time was necessary as I found the 9 minute batch a bit too squidgy almost uncooked. I found 11 to 12 mins perfect. However the batch I forgot about that had nearly half an hour were my husband’s favourite batch – he liked them crispy!

– I used a silicon baking tray. I’ve wanted one for ages, especially for when I bake cookies but I couldn’t find a cheap one that wasn’t floppy. I finally submitted and paid full price for the Lakeland one. It is really good, great non stick and easy clean but a bit small. I could only bake 4 cookies at a time!


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