Soft and chewy brown butter cookie bars

Love cookies but get fed up with all the chilling and waiting? Want some cookie goodness now? Then these cookie bars are for you. All the cookie goodness you want but far easier and quicker.


I used this recipe for the cookie bars

Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

but as usual I can’t just use a recipe. I have to tweak it! I had read about Sally’s brown butter cookies and the great flavour of brown butter so I decided to apply it to these cookie bars instead. I am definitely a brown butter convert! Oh my – the mixture of wet ingredients – trust me you’ll want to eat it with a spoon! So caramelly and delicious from the brown butter.

I found the method for the brown butter here:

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I followed the top recipe exactly except I replaced the melted butter with browned butter; used chopped dark chocolate instead of chips (my local shop didn’t have any and I prefer dark chocolate anyway) and added 3-4 tablespoons of skimmed milk before adding the chocolate to combat the loss of moisture from browning the butter (see Sally’s brown butter cookie recipe above for more info on that).

My photos of this recipe:

  1. Mixing the dry ingredients (I used my mixer which is not necessary but as I said, I was looking for an easy option today):


2. Browning the butter:

Note the difference in colour between picture 1 and 2. The first is just melted, the second browned. It took about 6 minutes with regular stirring to achieve this on a pretty low heat. Sally’s recipe said to leave the brown bits in the bottom but as you can see I scraped and added mine as they seemed to contain the most flavour.

3. Whisking in the sugar:


4. Adding the eggs and vanilla. (This is the point where I could eat it with a spoon – mmmm!)

5. Adding the wet ingredients to the dry and then the milk:


6. Adding the chopped chocolate:

7. Pressing into a prepared tin:

8. Baked for just 30 mins at 175C umtil a skewer came out clean:


9. Chopped into delicious chewy cookie rectangles after leaving to cool for an hour:



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