Paddington marmalade jar cake

Today was my best friends boy’s 1st birthday and she asked me to help with the cake. She wanted a Paddington themed cake for the adults and a lower sugar version for the children so we decided on a marmalade jar and some themed cupcakes. 

For the cupcakes I used  a Sally’s Baking Addiction recipe for chocolate courgette bread and tweaked my nana’s fruit cake to make a marmalade flavoured version. I also made orange flavour buttercream and a low sugar chocolate cream cheese buttercream. I’ll link and post these recipes soon.
I made two fruit cakes and carved them slightly to get the jar shape. I torted each layer and spread marmalade on each layer too. I used thick buttercrean as a dam around each layer and sat in the fridge with a heavy book on top. I find this prevents bulging. I then crumb ciated and left to set in the frudge for 20 mins before doing a thicker neat coat.

I then place it on the covered board and  covered the sides with orange fondant. I did this in two sections, using the rolling pin to hold it as I pressed in on. Then I decorated with dark orange slithers and an edible icing sheet ordered from Love, Print, Eat.

The sandwich and suitcase were made from fondant too. I made these the night before while the cake was baking, along with the hats and boots and covering the board which gave each time to dry a little overnight. 

I finished the cake off by adding colored buttercream to the top to be the marmalade in the open jar and placing a few splodges on the board with left over fondant.


Ice cream style cupcakes 

I found this recipe at my favourite blog and it just seemed the perfect one to dress up as ice cream.
Can you believe I found the baking cups at Poundland? Their baking range is excellent I love their edible glitters too. 
I followed the recipe exactly using the smaller amount of icing sugar, a little more peppermint and a mix of ordinary sized plain and milk Tesco choc chips as I couldn’t find mini ones. I also used a teaspoon of coffee in the cocoa mixture in the cupcakes. I put the icing on with an ice cream scoop.

I think the flake makes it! If only I had some of those mini ice cream spoons too.