Red Wine Cupcakes

I hate wine especially red wine. I’m sorry but it all tastes like vinegar to me. However these cupcakes tasted like wine but were yummy. There was enough grapey fruitiness for a non wine lover but enough sharp dryness for that wine flavour. I decided to try these for father’s day because dad loves red wine. They were a hit!

I used this recipe:   but only for the icing.

 I made my standard chocolate cupcakes by making a classic Victoria sponge (weigh two eggs and measure the same in flora light, sugar and flour. Cream the sugar and butter then add eggs and flour, 1 tsp of baking powder and 1 tsp of vanilla) but subbing some of the flour for cocoa powder. My eggs weighed 140ish so I used 100 flour, 40 cocoa. I also decided to add 50g of melted dark (85%) chocolate and 50g of chopped dark choc. I used 2/3 white sugar and 1/3 dark brown sugar. This gave the cupcakes quite a dense brownie like texture. If you want lighter and fluffier I would add some buttermilk or sour cream and a few tsp of strong coffee. Possibly leave out the melted choc too. 

This was the mix texture:

And these were the cakes:

The buttercream:

I found i needed more wine than the recipe said as it reduced down very quickly. That could be because i made them in 28 degree weather though!

I used a star tip and piped a swirl starting at the outer edge. 

The swirl was so tall I had to doctor the cupcake box to avoid squashing them!

The pefect father’s day treat! Yum!


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