End of term cupcakes

I have taught the most wonderful class for the last two years so I wanted to create something special for them.

I created a cupcake for each of their interests. Most I knew but a few I had to ask. 

An edible pen was my best friend with lots of these but below I’ve listed tge steps for each one.

Dino – free formed from coloured fondant.

Fox – Circle cutter for the base and a circle of lighter fondant then cut with the same circle cutter to get the face shape. Ears cuts with a knife and eyes and nose rolled from black fondant. 

Book – I rolled out fondant and left it about 10 mins to harden a little. I cut out a book shape with a knife and the repeated that with the white fondant using the first one as a template. I cut the white ones slightly smaller and curled the edges a little then used an edible pen to add the writing.

Lego – made a day or 2 before with a little gumpaste added. For the brick I rolled it thick and left to harden a little and then used a knife to cut and sharpen the edges. For the tops, I rolled a tube of fondant and cut into slices and glue to the top with sugar and water glue. The lego man was hand formed.

Fairy – She was made a few days before the harden the wings. I folded gumpaste in half and cut out the shape of the wings with a knife. I then placed it to dry with kitchen roll under it so the wings didn’t flatten. The fairy was made by hand then placed on. Finally she was painted with a mix of gold lustre and vodka (when it dries the alcohol evaporates).

Dogs – A large circle cuttet of one colour and a smaller circle cutter for the muzzle. The nose and eyes were rolled out of black fondant. The ‘smile’ was drawn on with an. edible pen. The ears were cut freehand with a knife. The tongue was a small rolled ball of fondant swished into shape. 

Hedgehog – Dark brown fondant cut with a circle cutter. Light brown fondant cut with a circle cutter laid on top of each other and cut with the top of a medium heart cutter. The two matching sections were then laid together on the buttercream. The eyes and nose were rolled balls of black fondant. The spikes were made by repeated snipping the dark brown fondant with sharp scissors. 

Unicorns – The ears and horns were prepared a few days before out of gumpaste so they could harden.  The ears were balls of fondant squished into circles between thumb and finger and folded together at each end. One end was pressed to give a sharper point. They were wet slightly inside and sprinkled with edible gold glitter.  The horns were a thin rolled out string of gumpaste folded in the middle and twisted/wound together tightly. One end was pushed onto a flat surface to flatten and the other pinched into a point. Once dry they were painted with gold lustre and vodka (see note above). On the day I cut a white fondant circle with a circle cutter and used an edible pen to draw the eye lashes. I then got a piping bag and painted 3 diffetent colours of food colouring in stripes down the inside of the bag. I then put the buttercream in and piped until the colour showed. I then piped tiny swirls on top and pushed the horn and ears in. 

Spiderman – I cut a red circle with a circle cutter. The eyes were small circles made by squishing a fondant ball and cutting in half. The web was added with edible pen.

Darth Maul – very similar to spider man but the eyes and forehead detail were cut from black and white fondant the rest was edible pen. 

Train – I used a train cutter and rolled the black really thin. I cut another train in black and cut out and pasted on the black sections. The details were habd cut and pasted on.

Parkour symbol – this was drawn with the edible pen.

Footballs – a white fondant circle and pentagons cut with a knife the pasted on.

Hamster – a light brown fondant circle cut with a circle cutter. A skin coloured section cut with a mefium heart cutter and then the bottom cut off with a circle cutter. The ears were small folded circles and the eyes and nose balls of fondant. 

Harry Potter – the lightning scars were handcut with a knife and the glasses drawn with edible pen. The scarf was strips of fondant cut into small rectangle by slicing. I laid them next to each other alternately and pasted down. I then neatened the edge by pressing with a knife. 


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